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Who Says Woof? by John Butler

on August 8, 2014

Who says woof?

Who Says Woof? by John Butler

Age: 0-3

Picture Book

Topics: Animals

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John Butler is hands down one of my absolutely favorite children’s book authors. It’s a shame that his books are out of print in the US. They are wonderfully simplistic and his illustrations are so emotive and endearing. The children love his books every time I read one at story time, and my son adores his books. He’ll run into up to us, book open to his favorite animals waiting for us to make the appropriate animal noise (the squeaky mouse for this particular book). I love that the illustrations are so life-like and almost three-dimensional. The sentences are short, but sometimes filled with humor. Who Says Woof? covers a broad range of animals from domestic pets to exotic farm animals. The background color on each page leads to the next animals, along with the next animal noise. On the very last page is a headshot of all the animals with their sound. This is a great book for a baby/toddler story time and also a great gift for new parents. He’s an author I tend to look for in used bookstores because you won’t be able to find him in the regular bookstores.


I read Who Says Woof? with Nancy Tafuri’s Spots, Feather’s and Curly Tails and found that the books really compliment each other. They each start with a clue about the animal, and cover most of the same animals. Spots, Feather’s and Curly Tails is all farm animals though, and used different clues for the same animals (cow, pig, horse, etc). It was a nice way to recap and add-on to what we learned from Who Says Woof?

Spots, feathers, and curly tails by Nancy Tafuri

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