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What’s the Matter Bunny Blue? by Nicola Smee

on August 14, 2014

What's the matter, Bunny Blue?

What’s the Matter Bunny Blue? By Nicola Smee

Picture Book

Ages: Birth – 3

Topics: Rabbits, Missing Persons

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Little Bunny Blue is lost in the forest , boo hoo hoo. A friendly group of animals keep Bunny Blue company and help him look for his grandmother by asking questions about her.

Nicola Smee is one of my favorite authors to read for my baby/toddler storytime. I read Clip Clop all the time. Little Bunny Blue is another one I’ll soon be adding to my rotation. Particularly since many grandparents are the ones bringing the young ones to the library. I think this book is very important for little kids. Especially those that are able to speak clearly (the 3 and olders, really). It’s dreadfully frightening to be separated from someone, especially when you are little and the world is big. With the help of friendly adults, Bunny Blue is able to offer some distinguishing trademarks about his grandmother that help the other animals reunite the pair. I think this book is a great way to discuss this topic of separation with little kids. It will happen at some point, whether the caregiver steps away to use the bathroom, or the child wanders away distracted by something shiny. It’s important for young children to learn who they can talk to when they are lost and confused and what they should say to find their way back home.

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