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Sausages by Jessica Souhami

on August 18, 2014


Sausages by Jessica Souhami

Picture Book

Ages: 3+

Genre: Folk & Fairy tales, Wishes

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If you were granted three wishes, what would you wish for? An elf grants three wishes to John and his wife being rescued. As husband and wife think of all the nice things they could have, the hours pass and John starts to get hungry. Only then do they realize that they need to be careful for what they wish for.

This book is one of my favorites to read for a preschool story time. The story is funny and the kids get such a laugh of a giant string of sausages being attached to John’s nose. The message is clear in this story, be careful with your words. You never the effect of your words.  John and his wife go back and forth bickering while chaos ensues with errant wishes. The illustrations are very descriptive, young children will be able to guess the story without being able to read the words. This is one of the more child friendly folk stories. Many tend to be aimed for older children.

The Three Wishes story has been traced back to Ancient India and Greece. The first popular version was published in France in the 17th century, although there is another version of the story from Britain going back to the 12th century. You can also find another version of this story from the Grimm Brothers going back to the 19th century. Many authors use elements of the “be careful what you wish for” theme in children’s, teen and adult fiction.

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