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Why Today’s Kids Need to Know Nursery Rhymes

on August 18, 2014

I won’t lie. I wish I came up with the idea for this post. But I’ll just do my librarian-duty and redistribute the information.

Why Today’s Kids Need to Know Nursery Rhymes via The Measured Mom

Anna Geiger lists 10 reasons why nursery rhymes are important for young children. The list can go on forever, but I think the main points come across very strongly:

They are the perfect first short stories. They teach children at a young age that stories have an intro, a middle and an ending. This will help them anticipate stories and lengthier books.

They can boost language development and foster a love of books. Speaking from experience, our nursery rhymes book is one of my son’s favorites. We act out the motions (rolling our arms with Jack and Jill, tumbling on our backs with Humpty Dumpty). We just have to say the title and he will open the book up to the appropriate page.

They help children become better readers by utilizing a variety of sounds that children otherwise wouldn’t hear in regular conversation. They pick up on the meter of the text and the flow of the rhymes which improves language comprehension and listening skills.

They can improve fine motor skills. The itsy bitsy spider is a tricky move for little kids. Getting their fingers to do these small motions is a fantastic development.



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