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Too Many Cats by Lori Hashkins Houran

on August 20, 2014

Too many cats

Too Many Cats by Lori Hashkins Houran

Easy Reader: Level 1

Ages: 5+

Genre: Cats

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Black cats, grey cats. Stinky, slinky, silly and chilly cats are just a few of the cats that are mentioned in this easy reader book. This level 1 book is a great start for new readers. The text is minimal, two to 4 word sentences. Cat is the most used word, the rest are just descriptors. This book is a great way to build vocabulary. There isn’t much of a story in this book, but at this stage of a child’s reading, they are really just learning how to read the words aloud. The story is very simple. Cats jumping over the fence to hear a woman play her cello. Joe Mathieu’s illustrations are full page color spreads that are eye catching and very detailed. Kids will enjoy pointing out all the different objects they see on each page.

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