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Doug Unplugged by Dan Yaccarino

on August 28, 2014

Doug unplugged

Doug Unplugged by Dan Yaccarino

Picture Book

Age: 3+

Genre: Learning

Find this book at your local library

Doug is a robot. His parents want him to be the smartest robot, so every morning they plug him in and start a download of new facts. On the day that he is learning about the city, Doug decides to learn about the city in a different way. So, he unplugs himself and begins his adventure outside of the house.

This book is a great example that people can’t learn everything just from computers and technology. Somethings you learn the tactile way.

Doug learned many more things about the city, like:

Wet cement feels squishy under your feet.

Fire engine sirens are loud.

Some garbage cans are smelly.

Manholes are dark.

What I like about Doug’s unplugged exploration is that he uses all five senses to learn about the city and its inhabitants. He even made a new friend and learned how to play. Kids are always curious and eager to learn everything about their world. The best way for them to really understand is to be out of the house, exploring, touching, tasting, smelling and just experiencing life. This is a great book to use when talking to kids about why there on restrictions on how much TV they can watch or computer games they can play. Granted, the audience for this book is really young. The 3 to 5-year-old range. But the message still applies and is a good one to send early.

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