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Doc McStuffins: Brave Dragon

on September 2, 2014


Disney’s Doc McStuffins: Brave Dragon

Easy Reader

Ages: Pre-K to K

Genre: Playground Safety, Disney

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Stuffy the Dragon gets hurts on the playground playing with friends and is afraid to play, for fear of getting hurt again. Will be overcome his worries?

I’ve never actually seen the Disney Doc McStuffins show on Disney, but based on the book, it seems like a cute little cartoon for kids. I like that Doc McStuffins isn’t your typical blue-eyed, blond-haired little girl. Doc and her animal friends are playing with all sorts of toys and playground equipment when Stuffy the Dragon gets hurt and doesn’t want to play. The only thing that bothered me was the short of refrain of “be a brave dragon.” As a book for pre-K readers, the text is very short. 1 to 3 word sentences on each page. The illustrations are very colorful and animated, and do a great job of carrying the story. I like the list of playground safety rules on the last page.

I had a mom come in last week asking for books on general safety for pre-school kids and this would have been a perfect selection for her. Unfortunately, it was on the New Books cart at the library today, so I’ll have to keep it in mind if I see her again. It’s a good book for parents to discuss playground etiquette as well. Playing with friends, making sure everyone has a turn, tips about playing safely on the swings and slides. Granted, kids are going to get bumps and scrapes at the park, they’ll get excited and trip over own two feet (my little one does this all the time). I like the message in this book. That even if you get hurt, its okay to be a little hesitant about playing again. Just be sure to get back on your feet if you want to enjoy the day.

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