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Oliva Loves Halloween by Maggie Testa

on September 4, 2014

Olivia loves Halloween

Olivia Loves Halloween by Maggie Testa

Easy Reader: Level 1

Age: K-1st grade

Genre: Halloween

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Halloween is coming up at Olivia’s school and she is excited. She wants to decorate with red, but is told by her Francine that only orange and black are Halloween colors. Then, Olivia must decide what her costume will be. There are so many options, what will she choose?

I love the Olivia books. I kind of wish these easy readers were written by Ian Falconer though. There is an element of sarcastic whimsy that is missing from the picture books in the easy readers. Olivia is such a multi-layered, creative character. The easy reader Olivia comes off as two-dimensional at times. Nonetheless, I liked this book. It has a happy ending, with the perfect Halloween costume for Olivia (an artist).

It’s a fairly wordy book. About 18-20 words per page. There is a lot of good vocabulary in this book too, lots of polysyllabic words for kids to practice with. It’s a great starter book for talking about Halloween and Halloween costumes with the kids. It’s already a great way to talk about what kids want to be when they grow up. One of the characters, Julian, dresses up as a musician because that’s what he wants to be when he gets older.

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