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Storytime Thursday – Good Morning!

on September 4, 2014

Although theme story times tend to go over the heads for a baby/toddler group, it does make selecting books for each week easier for my planning purposes. Since today marks the revival of my library’s baby/toddler story time, I thought I’d go with an appropriate theme of “Good morning.” That being said, good morning books picture books are hard to come by. Especially for the 0-3 age range I am focusing on. I did settle on two titles, although I came across a couple others that are great, just too wordy for my group. I’ll have to keep them in mind for a future booklist.

Wake Up, Big Barn! by Suzanne Tanner Chitwood

Wake up, big barn! This is a fun book, with delightfully artistic, although sort of scary illustrations. I like that the text isn’t your usual prose. Its musical, and really brings the barn animals to life. The illustrations are…interesting. I like them, but I wonder if they might evoke some nightmares in the smaller kids? Thank goodness I have a large crowd, and no one can really see the pictures anyway.

Wake Up, Me! by Marni McGee

Wake up, me! This one is the best. A little boy wakes up every body part, from ears and eyes to his nose and chin and greets the day with a ready smile. I love this book because the little kids can totally relate to the story. A little boy wakes up, eats breakfast, puts on his shoes and jacket and heads out the door. Its perfect. The ending is so open-ended, that it leaves much up to the imagination. The text is short and perfect for a baby/toddler storytime. The illustrations are warm and cuddly.

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