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Library Craft: Paper Bag Pirate Puppet

on September 16, 2014

photoYesterday we’re did a Paper Bag Pirate Puppet craft at my library. It was a fun and timely program. Talk like a Pirate Day is this Friday Sept. 19th.

The craft itself is incredibly simple, but does have a lot of moving parts.


  • Paper lunch bags
  • Construction Paper (black, yellow & brown)
  • Red & White striped paper cut into rectangles
  • Bandana-print paper cut into rectangles
  • Pirate features pattern (beard, ponytail)
  • Scissors, Glue & Markers

The rest is pretty simple. Cut out the pieces, then glue onto the paper bag.

This craft was very successful at the library today. We had about 40-50 people (parents and mostly kids 10 and younger) come in to participate.

Parents could very easily recreate this craft at home, albeit with less materials. I would opt for markers for the eyes, nose, moustache and beard as well as old pieces of fabric for the bandana. This craft does come with a lot of little pieces and does require a lot of prep work. I think many of the small pieces can be replaced by simple imagination with a marker. This is my puppet below. Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with crafts at the library. I love their intrinsic artistic value, the ability for kids to practice their fine and gross motor skills, and the levels of fun and frivolity in the library that accompanies the craft. I hate the prep work, and the set-up. But I guess its all worth it in the end when you have 40+ happy kids talking like pirates with their puppets. I also set up a cute little display of pirate themed books for kids to peruse and take home after the program.

photo (1)  back

I also made a fun display of some of our pirate books to go along with the craft. The books didn’t really check out though. I don’t think they were in the best location. On a parental note, my toddler loves this puppet. He’s only 19 months, but he walks around with the puppet on his hand giving it kisses. He puts the puppet on my hand and gives it kisses. We use this puppet to introduce new foods, play games and just be silly. Its a great craft for kids of all ages, but small children can especially connect with it in the most unexpected ways.

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