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2014 Cybils Awards

on September 18, 2014






The 2014 Cybils awards are here and I am one of the lucky few chosen to be a judge. I’m super, super stoked about this opportunity. It’ll be a wonderful chance to see what’s going on and what’s popular in children’s literature. I’ll be in discussions with some very educated and insightful people from a broad range of fields. I have been selected for Round 2 for the Easy Reader/Chapter Book portion. My part won’t really start until January though.

This category is all about books for beginning readers, covering an age range from preschool to grade 3. There are two subcategories:

Easy readers use short sentences, large print and a controlled vocabulary to give brand-new readers opportunities to practice decoding and comprehending text. These books are usually illustrated in full color, with pictures on every page, and they are often labeled on their front covers with publisher-assigned reading levels. Examples include the Frog and Toad series, The Bink and Gollie series, and the Katie Woo series.

Beginning chapter books serve as the bridge between easy readers and middle grade novels. They have shorter chapters and larger print than books for older readers, and the text is often very dialogue-heavy. Black and white line drawings appear throughout beginning chapter books, but not always on every page. Chapter books have more detailed plots than easy readers, but do not have the complicated subplots used in middle grade fiction. Examples include the Horrible Harry, Princess Posey, and Calvin Coconut series.

– Katie Fitzgerald

The judges for this category are:

First Round

Round Two

So, below is the timeline of events for the Cybils. I have basically a month to read what the round 1 judges deem as the best of the original selections. Then my group will pick our top picks. Its all very exciting for people like me who like to read.

  • Oct. 1: Nominations open
  • Oct. 15: Nominations close
  • October 16-25: Publisher submissions
  • Oct. 1-Dec. 29: Round 1 reading period
  • December 1: Round 1 review copy deadline
  • Dec. 29: Short lists due
  • Jan. 1: Finalists announced
  • Jan. 2-Feb. 12: Round 2 reading period
  • Feb. 12: Winners list due
  • Feb. 14: Winners announced

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