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Storytime Thursday: Safari Animals

on September 25, 2014

Simms Taback's safari animals Simms Taback’s Safari Animals

 Do Crocs Kiss by Salina Yoon

These books are amazing for a baby/toddler storytime. They cover the same animals, but in fun ways. One focuses on the sounds they make, the other focuses on their physical features and attributes. Both books are wonderfully colorful. Do Crocs Kiss is a lift-the-flap book, where you lift the mouth to find out what noise they make. Safari Animals is more intricate. It is a book of fold-outs. Each fold offering a hint at the animal. It unfolds to one giant square, with the answer to “who am I?” which you find with every animals.  The words on the page are large enough that all the adults read aloud with me and they really got into making all the animal noises. The kids and parents really enjoyed both books. I had parents browsing through the books throughout storytime and they even checked them out afterwards. That’s always a hallmark sign that I picked good books.

Primary Book Skills

Make Sounds (Phonological awareness) Kids and parents learn about sounds and animal noises. Different animals make different noises.

Use Books (Print awareness) These books diverge from the traditional turn-the-page style of reading. Young children learn to lift the flaps and unfold the pages to find out what happens.

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