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The ABC's of being a children's Librarian

Early Literacy Tip: See-Show-Say

on October 6, 2014

When your toddler finds a book that they love, chances are, they will want you to read that book over and over and over again. Plus, once more after that. How do you beat the fatigue?

Try the See-Show-Say method as devised by Joseph Sparling:

  • See: Direct the child’s attention to a picture or detail and name or descrive what you see.
  • Show: Ask the child to show you an object, detail or action on the page.
  • Say: Ask the child to name the picture, object or detail or to say something about it.

Try these three tricks to making the time you spend reading together more meaningful with your child’s.  This type of interacting reading will help strengthen your child’s developmental skills over time. They’ll be able to pull out more information from the story than what is merely presented to them. Try this trick with your child’s favorite book the next time you sit down to read.

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