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Board Book Review: I Love You Through and Through

on October 13, 2014


I Love You Through and Through by Bernadette Rosetti-Shustak

Board Book

Genre: babies

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This is a wonderful little board book with padded covers for new parents to read to their children. It covers so many different elements, all through 2 to 5 words per page. The illustrations are in warm tones of pinks, and purples with a pudgy little baby at the center of each page. The pages are in full color and highlight all the different and funny things toddlers do throughout the day. The book covers a number of concepts from body parts, to opposites, to emotions.

I love your happy side, your sad side

your silly side, your made side.

I love your fingers and toes,

Your ears and nose.

The book is written in a soothing little rhyme, which makes this book perfect for bedtime as your cuddle your little one into bed. Kids can point to the different objects on the page while reading along. They can point to their ears and toes. They can point to a teddy bear, they can show a smile to be happy and frown to be sad. There is a lot of use with this one, very simple little book. What I like most of all, is that the parent is neither the mom or dad. Too many of these types of books are geared towards moms, leaving dads out in the cold. Now, with more and more fathers actively engaged in their child’s early years, a book like this, a book that lets anybody really (aunt, grandparent, babysitter) read and discuss all the ways in child they love their child.

Primary Reading Skills

New Vocabulary Use this book to introduce new vocabulary to your child by explaining and pointing to body parts and illustrating different ranges of emotion.

Love Books A book like this will reinforce a safe and loving environment for the child. They can refer to this book when they feel upset, they can learn that parents love them, even when they make a mess or get in trouble.

How to use this book

For Parents

Read this with your newborn, infant, or toddler. Point to and explain the different actions on the page. Have your child point out different images. Have them express and emotion they are feeling (happy, sad, etc).

For Librarians

A book like this is great for intimate lap-sit programs and baby storytimes. Although the book is small, it might not go over well for larger crowds. I’d put this out on display near the picture books and parenting books.

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