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on November 3, 2014

There are so many items on the Internet lately that I can’t recap every single one, or even praise every single for their contribution to early literacy and parental well-being. I can, however, link to them all in a post to my blog. If not for the readers, then at least for me to refer back to as a librarian and a mother.

On Reading

  • 10 Alternatives to Forcing Your Kids to Learn to Read (What We Do All Day) – Wonderful suggestions for when you fall into the book rut.
  • 10+ Kids Books Illustrated by Marc Brown (Storytime Secrets) I LOVE Marc Brown. His books are always a hit at storytimes, class visits and book talks.
  • The Joys of Rereading (A Striped Armchair) A wonderful tribute to rereading old favorites. Every time I feel an urge to reread a book, I somehow feel an equal urge to read something completely new. I’m not one for rereading, and sadly that’s something I regret. I wish I could plug through my favorites books a second time through, but they somehow lose their magic for me.
  • The New York Times Unveils the Best Illustrated Picture Books (NY Times) In such a beautiful little slideshow too! This also doubles as a great list for diverse and multicultural books.

On Parenting

  • Awesome Idioms from Around the World (Cup of Jo) I love posts like this. Its always so interesting to get these insights in other cultures. My favorite Armenian idiom is “he/she is a broken spoon” which translates into “always butting in when not needed.”
  • 8 Science Backed Reasons Why Dads are Important (Huffington Post) Can’t we just accept the fact that dads are important? Why does their involvement with children constantly need to be justified?

On Libraries

  • A Book to Match Your Costume (ALSC.Org) A wonderful collection of books that tie into seemingly ordinary Halloween costumes. I haven’t had this question at my library yet, but its giving me great ideas for A for next year’s Halloween.

On Books/Publishing/Authors

  • HarperCollins Presents: A Podcast series (Galley Cat) Podcasts will feature major authors like Neil Gaiman, and Veronica Roth among others discussing books and all things literature.
  • Kobo adds 250+ Marvel Comics to its Digital Reader (Galley Cat) Very fun news for comic fans!
  • Neil Gaiman Explains Why You Should Give Books on Halloween (Harper Collins) I’m all for this, but the question is, how do I afford all these books to give away? I guess that’s where libraries can step in and give away books just like we do at Summer Reading and December Holiday programs.

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