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Book Review: Uh-Oh! I’m Sorry (Little Scholastic)

on November 6, 2014

Uh-oh!, I'm sorry

Title: Uh-oh! I’m Sorry by Jill Ackerman; Michelle Berg

Format: Board book, lift the flaps

Age: 0-2

Genre: Manners

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In a series of daily mishaps, toddlers learn to say I’m sorry after a spill or accident.

This is a really cute book, and one that my toddler really loves reading. We’ve been reading it at home at least 5x a day for a week now. There are all sorts of incidents from knocking down blocks, to spilling food to splashing water out of the tub. I love that all the mishaps are things that toddlers do quite regularly. They can see that mistakes happen, and that they can be resolved. There is also quite a bit of diversity in this book. There is a good mix of boys and girls with different backgrounds. My only real complaint is that it’s the moms who come to the rescue, while it’s the dad who makes a mistake making dinner. My husband read this book to our son, and that was his very first comment. “Hey, why is it the dad who messes up in the parents make mistakes example?”

The book is great for talking about making mistakes, realizing the mistakes, apologizing for the mistake and helping to fix it in a way that is developmentally appropriate for toddlers. There is a start and end to each page which helps children understand the process of conflict resolution as they get older. Its helping set the foundation of accountability and looking for help. This will be a key skill to have as toddlers grow up and have their mistakes and problems evolve into more serious ones as they get older.

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