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Tea With Grandpa by Barney Saltzberg

on December 5, 2014

Tea with Grandpa

Title: Tea With Grandpa by Barney Saltzberg

Format: Picture Book

Age: 2-5

Genre: Tea party, grandparents

Every day at half past three, a little girl shares a tea-party with her Grandpa in this delightful little book.

This book is a wonderful treat for grandfathers and young girls. Every day at half past three, Grandpa comes over for a tea party. The sing, they laugh, they eat and drink tea before Grandpa goes home. But he always returns the next day. The text is very minimal, about 6 words per page. The font is large, and is on a separate page from the illustration. I like the pastel shading behind the font, varying from pink to yellow to blue and green.

Primary Reading Skills

Tell A Story (Narrative Skills) – children can describe what they see in the illustrations throughout the book. They can expand on the story and talk about their playdates with their grandparents.

Love Books (Print Motivation) – Reading about shared experiences helps children develop a sense of empathy for the characters in a book. A story like this that has the potential to replicate a child’s playdate with their grandfather will be fun to read over and over again, especially with the grandfather.

How to Use This Book

For the parents

Talk about the elements of a tea party (the cups, saucers, tea, cookies, table setting, etc). Take this moment to teach your child table manners and how to set the table for company. Have your child watch or help as you brew a cup of tea. Talk about each step in the process (First we boil the water, then we steep the tea bag, etc).

For the librarians

This book is perfect for a tea-party storytime. It’s perfect for a grandparents theme storytime. It’s perfect for a windy day/hot drinks storytime theme. There is one song, 2 For Tea, that will pair wonderfully with this book.

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