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Swamped by Work: A Never Ending Saga

on December 6, 2014

I’ve been ridiculously swamped at both work and my home life, which is why my posts have been so sporadic as of late. I finally feel like I have a handle on life though and can start regularly blogging again. You wouldn’t think it, but even the shortest book review for a picture book can take a bit of time.

What we’re reading at home:

Trucks, trucks and more trucks and also trains, lots of trains. We’re reading everything and anything to do with trucks and trains.

Just yesterday, A wanted me to read both I Love Trucks (Philemon Struges) and Big Train (Adria Kline) at the same exact time. He become quite upset when I couldn’t read the book simultaneously. I tried reading one page from one book and one page from another, but no. He wanted both, at the same time.

He’s been going crazy with the Train Time series lately. Big Train being the first of the series. There’s also City Train, Circus Train and Freight Train. I have yet to get my hands on Freight Train, although I was finally able to place a hold through my library system. I should have it by next week. I don’t think I would have ever thought to check out easy readers for a toddler if I wasn’t a mother. The sentences are short and simple, and the illustrations are wonderfully cartoonish in the Train Time books. A loves I Love Trucks because both the garbage truck and the fire truck in the book look exactly like his toy garbage and fire trucks. He jumps up to point, or pat his trucks when we get their counterparts in the book. He started this when we read The Construction Crew by Lynn Meltzer. A has an entire fleet of construction vehicles. I’m not even sure how they all made their way into our home. I’ve only purchased 2 for him. But alas, the majority of the construction vehicles in the book are ones we have at home. He’ll lead off our lap to grab the toy, then line them as we continue reading through the book.

I love that he’s making this connections. I love that he knows the names of all of these trucks. I love that he has a passion for something like this. That I know exactly what to look for when I browse the stacks at the library. Although, it is fun seeing what books he picks out for himself when we go together. Surprisingly, it’s usually not truck or train books. Which is why it’s always important to let kids pick out their own books. He may love what I bring home, but when he chooses the books himself, he’s broadening the topics he’s exposed to. Kids are awesome like that.


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