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Picture Book Review: Someone’s Sleepy by Deborah Lee Rose

on December 15, 2014

Someone's sleepy

Someone’s Sleepy by Deborah Lee Rose

Format: Picture Book

Age: 2-5

Genre: Bedtime, Sleep

This beautifully illustrated picture book is another one to file away for bedtime books. Short rhymes on each fully illustrated page take us though a young child’s bedtime routine. From the yawn on the floor and the first eye-rub to the final goodnight kiss for all the stuffed animals, this book is a wonderful way to end the night.

What I enjoyed most about this book is all the details on the page. One the first page, where the little girl first yawns, you can identify all the other creatures yawning with her. Her dog, a portrait of a cat, her toys. The colors in the book are so vibrant too, especially for using the same color scheme on each page. Strong tones of green and yellow with splashes of purple and pink. The rhyming text that accompanies the book is catchy too.

Sleepy shoulders

Sleepy knees

Sleepy through-the-window-breeze

This is a mommy-daughter book. There is no dad involved in this bedtime routine. I would use it for a bedtime storytime. Although there is never any shortage of bedtime picture books for kids. Another criticism is that I think the book went one page too long. I liked how neatly it ended on the penultimate page. The last page seems to jar with the flow of the book. But its a great bedtime book in general. It lends itself to many pre-bedtime literacy activities.

Primary Reading Skills

Tell a Story (Narrative Skills) This book is a great way to encourage your child’s narrative skills. Have them describe their bedtime routine to you. Talk about the differences and similarities between their routine and what they read about in the book.

Make Sounds (Phonological Awareness) The rhyming text in this book is a great way to introduce your child to different sounds such as vowels. Point out the words that rhyme, come up with your own rhymes. Ask them to identify the body parts mentioned in the book. 

How to Use This book

For the parents

Read this book at bedtime, or just before bedtime. Use it as an opportunity to discuss/review your child’s bedtime routine. Talk about the different activities the child does before getting ready for bed. Point out familiar objects on each page. Depending on your child’s age, I would pair this with Anna Dewdney’s Llama Llama Nighty-Night, which also has a single mother putting her child to sleep. Nighty-Night also goes into detail of little Llama’s bedtime routine.

For the librarians

This is another title to add to the growing list of bedtime books. I like it more for storytime because the book itself is quite large, which makes it great for large crowds. Plus, the pages aren’t too cluttered with objects, so people sitting in the back of the room will be able to make out the illustrations.

Related Titles

Goodnight moon; Llama Llama, nighty-night Sleepy me

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