Ready, Set, Read!

The ABC's of being a children's Librarian

2015 Reading Resolutions

on January 5, 2015

I’ve been slacking on my reviews here. I figure, new year = new start, right? This year, I really want to branch out with the children’s material that I’m reading. I find myself attracted to the short picture books and easy readers, because of my baby storytime. But as a result, I’m missing out on so many great books. I’m always on the lookout for books perfect for the 0 to 3 age range. While its great to specialize, I find myself stumbling when its time to do reader’s advisory for the older kids. I need to broaden my scope with children’s materials. I see so many new books coming in daily, that its hard to keep up with the influx of new titles. But here’s trying. The reading starts today. The reviews will start next week.

My Reading Resolutions for Ready, Set, Read

  1. Read 1 middle grade book each month
  2. Read 5 easy reader books each week
  3. Read 5 picture books each week
  4. Read 1 non-fiction book each week
  5. Watch 1 children’s movie every other week

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