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Itsy Bitsy Spider & Itsy Bitsy Beetle – Book Review

on January 13, 2015
Itsy Bitsy Spider and Itsy Bitsy Beetle

The Itsy Bitsy Spider & the Itsy Bitsy Beetle by Wes Magee

Easy Reader (1st-2nd grade)

Genre: Nursery Rhymes

This simple easy reader book brings nursery rhymes back into scope for beginning readers. The book is divided into two sections. The first is the traditional rhyme. Then there is a short break, where the entire song is written on one page followed by a mini pop-quiz (can you point to the rhyming words?) The next section is a brand new rhyme that follows the same pattern as the first. I think this will appeal for the kids who like nursery rhymes, during the K to 1st grade stage. The illustrations are playful, and the text isn’t fairly simple. Its only the song, broken down over the span of a few pages. I do like that you can read the entire song on one page at the very end as a recap to the previous pages.

This is one of a series of books that provide an old and new nursery rhyme for the kids. There are 4 other titles in the Tadpole Nursery Rhymes series. Over a dozen books in the regular Tadpole series (all original stories) and lastly, there are the Tadpole Tales (folk & fairytale stories). This is a great collection for any library (at home, school, or a free little library). I like that there are mini activities after each little segment. Whether its pointing to the words that rhyme, or figuring out the puzzle at the end.

I would also recommend this to beginning readers as a book they can read to their younger sibling. Nursery rhymes are great for babies, and its a wonderful way for children to bond with their family members by reading it together.

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