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Picture Book Review: Paul Meets Bernadette by Rosy Lamb

on January 27, 2015
Paul Meets Bernadette
Paul Meets Bernadette by Rosy Lamb
Age: K
Genre: Fish, Friendship

Paul is a lonely fish, swimming in circles, oblivious to the world outside his bowl until Bernadette drops into his bowl.

I love the watercolor illustrations in this book. Although Paul and Bernadette are looking through a fishbowl, the reader is given a clear view of what they are looking at through the glass bowl. Bernadette brings curiosity and adventure into Paul’s life. Although, what the item is and what Bernadette thinks it is doesn’t always match up, adding humor to the story. Children will get a kick out of correcting Bernadette. The book is a nice prompt towards seeing the larger picture and being aware of what lays outside of what you know. Its a nice way to encourage children to try something new, because they never know what they may be missing by following the same routine.

Primary Reading Skills
Tell a Story (Narrative Skills) This book is very engaging, because kids have the opportunity to correct Bernadette, or expand and make lists of what else Paul and Bernadette might be able to see through their fishbowl.
Love Books (Print Motivation) The enticing illustrations and the wonderful story of a budding friendship will be one that children can really relate to, and this will hopefully be one of those books that they’ll want to return to repeatedly.
How to use this book
For librarians
While this is great for a preschool storytime, I’d strongly recommend it as a reader’s advisory title for parents and teachers who want to encourage their children to try to news and get out of their comfort zone a little to experience the world around them.
For parents
Talk to your children about their routines and what they see everyday. During those routine moments, try to find something new to point out to your child. A new shop on the street, or a new billboard on the freeway. A new vegetable at the grocery store. Try misnaming items at home to have your child correct you.
Suggested Reading
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