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Picture Book Review: The Happy Egg by Ruth Krauss

on February 3, 2015

The Happy Egg by Ruth Krauss
Picture Book 0-2 years
Genre: baby animals, birds

A bird is born, but as an egg it can only be sat on. Until one day it hatches and finds its potential.

This is an incredibly sweet and short picture book I stumbled upon last week. I almost want to call it an easy reader for its simplistic text and illustrations. I brought this book home and my soon to be 2-year-old is enamored by it. Normally, he takes a few days to warm up to a new book, but this book he brought to me to read. Multiple times at that. He did learn how to say the word “egg” from this book. I’m not sure what entices him about the book. The repetition or the simple plot. The illustrations are really just 3 images to the page. A flower that keeps growing, a blue egg and a bird that sits on the egg. The illustrator is Crockett Johnson, best known for Harold & The Purple Crayon.

Primary Reading Skills

Tell a Story (Narrative Skills) There is a lot left unsaid in this little book, which means lots of room for you and your child to elaborate on the journey of the bird. Have your child walk, sing and try to fly as the bird does. Discuss other habits of birds (where they sleep, what they eat) and how that compares to your child’s routines.

Use Books (Print Awareness) Although you’ll find this book shelved in the picture books, it reads more like an easy reader. This is a good transition book for older kids with a lower reading level, or for younger kids ready to move past picture books. The simple text and illustration combination makes a great book for a child to attempt to read on their own.

How to use this book

For the parents

This is a wonderful and short little book to read with a young child. You can discuss many topics from this book such as; how animals are born, what skill sets each person has, how to share those skills with others. You can talk basic concepts about eggs (shape, colors, etc).

For the librarians

This is a very book for readers advisory, but not for storytime, unless it’s a small lapsit group. The sparse illustrations and the small size of the book make it hard to share with a crowd. The text is funny though. I would actually like to turn this into a flannel board story.

Suggested Reading

  The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss

 Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson

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