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Picture Book Review: This Little Chick by John Lawrence

on February 4, 2015

This Little Chick by John Lawrence
Picture Book, 2-4 years
Genre: Farm Animals

A little chick travels around the farm visiting different animals, learning new sounds.

Although there is no shortage of farm animal books for toddlers, I like this book a lot for its simplicity. There is a basic stanza repeated every time the little chick goes to meet a new friend. I like how it mimics toddlers building their vocabulary during the repetition stage of the word spurt. Children are sponges with information and they pick up on language very quickly. This book also reminded me of Bark, George and The Cow That Went Oink.

Primary Reading Skills

Make Sounds (Phonological Awareness) This book will have you making all sorts of animal sounds. Why not take it to the next step and include animals not mentioned in the book? Make the wrong songs for cats, dogs and mice. Have your child correct you with the right sound.

Love Books (Print Motivation) This is a fun story that kids will want to read and reread. Make the best of your acting skills and really bring the animal noises to life.

How To Use This Book

For the parents
Repetition is so important for young children learning new words. This book has that, but in a very simple and uncluttered way. Encourage you child to name the animals & make the proper noises.

For the librarians
This is an ideal book for a baby/toddler storytime. The book is quite large and colorfully illustrated, which is a bonus for large crowds. The text is repetitive, so it’s easy to memorize. Parents and children will also jump in to finish the page by making the appropriate animal noise. Parent participation is vital for children to develop that love of literacy and learning.

This would also make for a great flannel board story, or a puppet show.

Suggested Reading

 Off We Go by Jane Yolen

  Bark George by Jules Feiffer

  The Cow That Went Oink by Bernard Most

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