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Picture Book Review: Red Car, Red Bus by Susan Steggall

on February 12, 2015

Red Car, Red Bus by Susan Steggall
Picture Book, Ages 2-4
Genre: Transportation

The events of a day unfold as we follow a bus along its route.

The simple story, illustrations and text make this a wonderful book for toddlers. My son and I had fun reading this together. He would identify the different vehicles trailing behind the bus. We would point out the matching colors as we read.

Orange truck, orange van, yellow van, yellow car, red car, red bus.”

This is basically the text of the book, but it works so well. As another vehicle is added to the list, I would speed up my reading. It made the story more engaging than simply listing the cars, trucks and vans. I didn’t get to look too closely at the illustrations while reading the book, but looking at it afterwards reveals a lot of minor details that are fun to catch. The small drizzle of rain, the people running to catch the bus at the bus stop, the everyday work of painters, postal service employees and more. This book as been read on repeat so much in my house that I actually had to hide it for a few days so that we could read something else. The book itself is actually quite large. Its and 8″x17″ and is a little bit unwieldy. But the span of the books fits in all of the vehicles perfectly, all 10 of them.

Primary Reading Skills

Use Books (Print Awareness) This book is a great introduction for the flow of language in a book. We read from left to right and as such, images in the book appear from left to right. 


How to use this book

For the parents

This is a great book for toddlers. They will love identifying the colors and vehicles in this book. Although it’s a bit large, it might make for a great road trip read. Have you child point out how many matching cars, vans and trucks he/she sees on the road.

For librarians

This a great choice for a baby/toddler transportation theme. Or even a theme on city life. Through in Raffi’s The Wheels on the Bus and you’re all set.

Suggested Reading

The Big Red Bus The Big Red Bus by Judy Hinely

Hurry Up! Hurry Up by Ann Bryant (it’s an easy reader, but it also lists vehicles in ascending order)

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