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Picture Book Review: I Love Cats by Barney Saltzberg

on February 18, 2015

I Love Cats: Super Sturdy Picture Books

I Love Cats by Barney Satlzberg
Picture Book 0-2
Genre: Cats

Do you love cats?

Okay, that was a lame summary, I’ll grant you that. But this book is still a good books about the various types of cats that the author loves. Stripey cats, scaredy cats, cats that curl up like a ball. The list goes on and one. The illustrations are very simple. Each spread has a different color background, and there are just a few simple images of cats doing cat things. There is also a little girl in pajamas either holding onto or being near a cat. There should also be a note about the diversity in this book, as the little girl represented is not Caucasian.

Primary Reading Skills

Love Books (Print Motivation) Kids who live with cats or love cats will be drawn to this book like glue. 

Make Sounds (Phonological Awareness) There is a slight nuance to the words in the book, so kids will learn to differentiate between similar sounds and rhymes on each page. 

How to use this book

For the parents

Do you have cats? Do you plan on bringing one home? This is a great book to share with a cat-lover. Cats do so many silly things. After reading the book, discuss all the silly things your cat does that you think are funny. List all the reasons why you love your pet.

For librarians

As are most of the books I review, this is another great one for a baby/toddler storytime. Do a theme on pets or cats in specific.

Suggested Reading

I Love Cats and Kittens I love Cats and Kittens by David Alderton

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin

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