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Picture Book Review: That’s Mine by Michel Van Zeveren

on February 23, 2015

That’s Mine by Michel van Zeveren
Picture Book, ages 2-4
Genre: Jungle animals, sharing

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, a little frog finds an egg. But what happens when other animals want the egg too?

This is a fun and sweet book about ownership and sharing. The illustrations are cartoonish, colorful and really do a great job of complimenting the story. The author is very inventive and I love this story, because I think its a really fun one to read aloud. Some books are great for reading, but some books are meant to be spoken aloud. This one is in the latter group.

…actually, its mine,”
says the eagle.

I love, love that the author uses the sounds of the animals to star their sentence. Each animals also wears a different expression on their face throughout the book. There are so many great talking points in such a simple story. One a close reading, you can focus on the facial expressions of just one animal as the story progresses. On each reread, you can look at another animals. How is the frog different from the snake, or from the eagle? I also like how the topic of ownership is broached in this book. Its not so much a book about sharing, but a book about who can claim that something found is theirs. No one really can claim the egg as theirs, but they try. There is a moral to the story, one that frog learns the hard way.

Primary Reading Skills

Make Sounds (Phonological Awareness) Put away your shy pants and have fun making animals noises as you read this book. Encourage your child to make the noises too. 

See Letters (Letter Knowledge) Different sounds can start with the same little. Similar sounds can almost look alike in spelling. Make a note of these differences as you read through the book. 

How to use this book

For the parents

Talk about jungle animals and who lives in the jungle. Talk about the topic of ownership. If you find something on the ground as you are walking, is it yours? What do you do in this situation? Talk about sharing and taking turns with an item during playdates. So many kids all want the same toy, all calling outs “that’s mine” during an endless tug-of-war struggle. All parents of toddlers have been there. This a great book for addressing this behavior.

For librarians

This is an immensely fun book for a read aloud for a baby/toddler storytime. Kids will relate to the concept of claiming something as theirs when it’s not, and they’ll appreciate the humor of the text and illustrations.

Suggested Reading

 The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog by Mo Willems

 Bear and Bee by Sergio Ruzzier

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