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Easy Reader Review: Friday the Scaredy Cat: The Scariest Day Ever…So Far

on February 25, 2015

Friday the Scaredy Cat: The Scariest Day Ever . . . So Far (Ready-to-Read)The Scariest Day Ever … So Far by Kara McMahon
Simon Spotlight, 2013
Level 1: Star Reader
Series: Friday the Scaredy Cat
Ages: 5-7
Genre: Cats, fear

Events unfold as Friday the scaredy cat experiences the scariest day of his life, seeing a number of new things in his house all in one day!

Friday woke up one day to see a new pink bed next to his blue bed. Being new made the bowl instantly scary and Friday hid under the rug. After that, he goes around the house, spotting all sorts of new objects and smells. New bowl, new toys and even new food! But as Friday keeps exploring, he finds out what is behind all these new and different things. With the help of a new friend, Friday realizes that perhaps they aren’t so scary afterall.

Trying new things, or seeing things that are different can be intimidating to some kids. They don’t like change or don’t understand it. I like the way this book approaches this type of fear. The illustrations do a fantastic job of highlighting Friday’s emotions as he goes about his day, discovering all these new things in his home.

As a level 1 book, this book features larger font, repetitious phrases and a humor that children will be able to relate to.

It was different, so he was scared. Friday hid behind the sofa.

Friday’s hiding place changes with every new object that he encounters. I do like the ending, when he discovers who all those new objects belong to. I like that Friday tries to be brave and scary when its time to meet the “monster.” This is as great book to read when talking about upcoming changes that will be taking place at home. Are you moving, or expecting another child? Will there be a reshuffling of routines at the house? This book deals with these topics in a way that lets kids express their emotions through Friday the scaredy cat.

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