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Easy Reader Review: A Day with Miss Lina’s Ballerinas

on March 12, 2015

A Day with Miss Lina's BallerinasA Day with Miss Lina’s Ballerinas by Grace Maccarone
Macmillans Children’s Publishing Group, 2012
My Readers, Level
Ages: 5-6
Genre: Ballet, Dance

Spend the day with Miss Lina’s ballerinas to see what they do with their time away from dance school. Where do they pose with their toes?

I think this is a great book for kids interested in dance or ballet. The illustrations are pastel, colorful and do a good job of relating the story. They align well with the text. The few things I didn’t like were the lack of boys. Quite a few boys take ballet classes, so it would have been fun to see one or two boys mixed in with the group. There isn’t much diversity in the girls that are presented in the book either. Only 1 girl out of 8 is non-white. I also wish that one or two ballet terms were used throughout the book, but I was glad to see the poses named at the end of the book. The text has a fun rhyme to it.

Class is over.
On the street,
they go to school
on dancing feet.

The rhythm of the book is great for a beginning reader. They can better sound out the words as they read aloud. Overall, the text and illustrations make this a very appealing book to young girls interested in dance or ballet.

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