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Easy Reader Review: Spring is Here! A Story About Seeds

on March 23, 2015

Spring Is Here!: A Story About Seeds

Title: Spring is Here! A Story About Seeds by Joan Holub
Simon and Schuster Books, 2008
Ready to Read, Pre-Level 1
Ages: 3-5
Genre: Gardening, Spring

Spring is Here is a wonderful story about an army of ants planting seeds and watching them grow into beautiful tulips. Created for new/pre readers, the text is large and terse with lots of rhyming. The full page illustrations match the text exactly and show the cycle of planting, watering and waiting for a seed to turn into a plant. The illustrations are vibrant and fun and its a wonderful book to read about gardening, about spring, about flowers and more.

“A drip” says Chip.
“Lots more!” says Tor.
“Yay! Rain” says Jane.

You can encourage kids to create their own garden rhymes. Sound out the word seed, and have see what rhymes your child can come up with. What I really appreciate about this book is that despite the simple text, there is an actual story to follow with a variety of characters. This is a great addition for spring booklists or for a real-aloud for Kindergarteners.

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