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Picture Book Review: One Windy Wednesday

on March 26, 2015

One Windy Wednesday

One Windy Wednesday by Phyllis Root

Picture Book: ages 0-4

Genre: Wind, farm animals

One windy Wednesday, the wind blows so hard, that it knocks the noises right out of the farm animals. It blew the quack right out of the duck and it blew the oink right out of the pig. Now its up for Bonnie Bumble to put the noises back where they belong.

This is an adorably cute book. I love the colorful illustrations. As a book that’s over 20-years-old, its holds up well over time. Farm animal themes are ridiculously prevalent among children’s books, but this one stands out for its originality, ease of reading and the illustrations. This book introduces a number of new vocabulary about farm life that other farm animals books often omit.

She hitched the moo back onto the cow…

She knit the baa back onto the lamb.

I think this is a book that parents will enjoy reading with their children. Toddlers might understand some of the humor (knitting the baa onto the lamb had me chuckling), but its a book to grow with. I think children will find something new and interesting in the book with each read. Its a great book to pair with Bark! George and The Cow That Went Oink. Mixed up animal noises are always a treat, especially for the kids who have the opportunity to correct the reader. Kids love pointing out mistakes in books. I love that these books cater to that experience.

The book itself is quite small and square. So its not ideal for a large crowd. It could translate quite well as a flannel board story. Small groups, especially preschoolers, will really enjoy the book in a classroom setting.

Primary Reading Skills

  1. Make Sounds (Phonological Awareness) This book is a wonderful way to introduce and discuss animals and their noises. Kids will have fun making the noises and figuring out what noise belongs to each animals.
  2. New Words (Vocabulary) I appreciate the additions of new vocabulary to a farm animal books, particularly with the different actions Bonnie takes to put the noise back onto the animals. Whether it is hitching it to the cow, knitting it to the sheep or tying it to the pig.

How to use this book

For the parents

Read this book before a visit to the farm. Talk about the different animals and their noises. Talk about the wind and strongly it blows. Ask your child if they’ve experienced a strong wind before. You can use this book to talk about the days of the week, or words that begin with the letter W.

For the librarians

The addition of the wind gives this farm animal book a nice little twist. I’m quickly becoming a big fan of the misplaced animals noises genre of picture books. Its great for a number of themes; farm animals, misplaced noises, the letter W, days of the week, etc.

Suggested reading

The Cow That Went OINK Bark, George

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