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Picture Book Review: A Lullaby for Little One

on March 30, 2015

A Lullaby for Little One

A Lullaby for Little One by Dawn Casey

Picture Book; ages 2-5

Genre: Fathers, rabbits

This wonderfully illustrated picture book tells the tale of a father and son rabbit going on an adventure in the woods one evening. This lullaby is a pure joy to read and the illustrations are breathtakingly vibrant and beautiful. The rhyme scheme just flows off the tongue. I am always looking for father-son books, especially to take home to my family. There seems to be a scarcity in the book world. Its usually child-mother, or father-daughter. Very rarely do I see father-son. I snatch those books up as fast as I can.

Down in the woods in the evening sun,

Big Daddy Rabbit said,

“Come, Little One”

“Lets race and lets chase,

and let’s laugh and let’s leap

We’ll have lots of fun,

Before you go to sleep.”

They proceed to run through the woods, running past owls, splashing in the water with bears, and playing hide-and-seek with a field mouse. This is a wonderful book for a father of a toddler. Toddlers are so full of energy, curiousity and did I mention energy? This picture book captures it perfectly. Its a bit too wordy for my baby/toddler storytime, but it will go over well for a preschool storytime. The large pages and full color illustrations are ideal for crowds of any size.

Primary Reading Skills

  1. See Letters (Letter Knowledge) 
  2. Tell a Story (Narrative Skills)

How to use this book

For parents

Talk to your child about the book. Ask them to narrate what they see in the illustrations. Ask them what they like about the book, about the father-son relationship. Ask about the different animals the pair meet in the book. Build on vocabulary and ask your child to name other forest animals.

For librarians

This is a great preschool book for a Father’s Day, forest animals, or lullaby storytime theme. Pair with Guess How Much I Love You and Can’t You Sleep, Little Bear? for a wonderful collection.

Suggested Reading

Guess How Much I Love You Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?

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