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Easy Reader Review: Go To Bed Blue

on April 2, 2015

Go to Bed, Blue

Title: Go to Bed Blue by Bonnie Bader
Penguin Young Readers, 2014
Level 1: Emergent Reader
Genre: Counting, Aliens

Go To Bed Blue is a story of two children who meet and play with an alien who isn’t quite ready for bedtime.

Designed for the earliest of readers, the book is full of repetitive text. I actually found it to be too repetitive. Although I really enjoyed the illustrations and concept of the book, the text was a bit lacking and the overall story is a bit plain.

Come here.

Come here to play.

We will play.

We will play with Blue.

Although I can understand the reasoning behind the repetitive text, I still found it somewhat off-putting that the author didn’t take advantage of the text space to introduce new vocabulary to the readers. There are a lot of counting moments throughout the book, going up to three. Although I do wish that the text included the item being counted. The helmets, beds, pogo sticks. Although kids can infer from the illustrations and ask their parents for help for what they can’t identify. Following Penguin’s Emergent Reader criteria, it has a predictable story and sentence structure. A short sentence, followed by a slightly longer one. The text is written in the style of a new reader reading. Slowly sounding out the words before completing the sentence. Its a curious style in my opinion. But an enjoyable little tale nonetheless.

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