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Baby Bookwork Milestones

on April 5, 2015

 I guess he’s not a baby bookwork anymore at 25 months. Toddling Bookworm? Squirming Bookworm? He’s actually a sit-still-in-my-lap-when-we-read worm. Although I haven’t really been chronicling his literacy skills as well as I should, we’ve hit some pretty huge reading milestones over the past month though. He’s gotten to the point now where we can pause in the middle of a sentence and he’ll fill in the missing word.

My husband is in charge of the bathtime/bedtime routine. He’s instituted a 4 stories rule. (1 book read 4 times, or 4 books read 1 time). We’re still in the short picture books/short easy readers stage of books, so its a good half hour of reading and bonding time for them. We have a rather large bookshelf in the toddler’s bedroom filled with books of all ranges. Board books to the Harry Potter series. Anything J fiction, I have on those shelves in his room. We let him go and pick out whatever books he wants us to read from that shelf. He, went and picked out Mercy Watson to the Rescue and sat still, listening for all but the last two chapters of the book, when sleepiness finally took over.

He then carried that book around with him rather proudly for the next three days, asking us to read “Mercy Pig” any moment we could. I’m still in shock that he could sit still for such a lengthy book. I think the biggest  contributing factor has been the illustrations in the book. He adores Mercy. We’ve also been reading mostly easy reader books with him. We sort of skipped right over the picture books. Working at the library, I found so many more easy readers that aligned with his interested than picture books. Easy readers also have that preset storyline, whereas picture books mostly list noises and objects for the early toddlers. I think introducing easy readers definitely develop his attention span for lengthier books. We read mostly Level 1 books, as varied as they are by the publishers. Its a wonder more hasn’t been written about easy readers and toddlers. Some of these books are just made for their little hands. Large, repetitive font, fun illustrations, plenty of pages to practice turning, and real storylines to follow. I highly recommend looking for some at your left library trip. You’ll be surprised at the plethora of genres and topics out there in the easy reader collection.

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