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Historical Fiction Family Booklist: The Tudors

on April 6, 2015

all in the family

If you’ve been following me on my other blog, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been a bit obsessed with the Tudors and Hilary Mantel’s Thomas Cromwell trilogy. Using that as my inspiration, I’ve created this family friendly booklist of the Tudors and their sagas and scandalous behavior. There is a book on the topic for nearly every age group. Its a great way to start a family discussion, learn about history and introduce your interests to your child’s while still maintain age-appropriate reading materials for everyone.

For adults

Jean Plaidy – The Tudor Saga

1.  2. Katharine, the Virgin Widow... 3. The Shadow of the Pomegrana...4. The King's Secret Matter (T... 5. 6.

7. The Sixth Wife (Tudor Saga,... 8. The Thistle and the Rose (T...9.Mary, Queen of France (Tudo... 10.The Spanish Bridegroom (Tud... 11. Gay Lord Robert (Tudor Saga...

  1. To Hold the Crown
  2. Katharine, the Virgin Widow
  3. The Shadow of the Pomegranate
  4. The King’s Secret Matter
  5. Murder Most Royal
  6. The King’s Confidante
  7. The Sixth Wife
  8. The Thistle and the Rose
  9. Mary, Queen of France
  10. The Spanish Bridegroom
  11. Lord Robert

Carolly Erickson


  • The Spanish Queen
  • The Favored Queen
  • The Unfaithful Queen
  • The Last Wife of Henry VIII
  • Rival to the Queen

For teens


  • VIII by HM Castor
  • Nine Days a Queen: The Short Life of Lady Jane Grey by Ann Rinaldi
  • The King’s Rose by Alissa Libby
  • Mary Bloody Mary / Patience, Princess Catherine / Beware Princess Elizabeth by Carolyn Meyer

For kids


  • Doomed Queen Anne by Carolyn Meyer
  • The Redheaded Princess by Ann Rinaldi
  • The Royal Diaries – Elizabeth the First: Red Rose of the House of Tudor by Kathryn Lasky

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