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Baby Bookwork Booklists: Donald Crews

on April 10, 2015

I’ve noticed that reading time with A seems to be going to phases of themes. He’ll attach himself to a particular author or topic. Most noticeable, he’s been devouring anything by Donald Crews that I bring home from the library.

If the name sounds familiar, then you’re probably thinking of his highly notable and award-winning book Freight Train. This book we actually own. The rest have been library copies and have been in steady rotation during our readings times throughout the day.

What we’ve read

 This is the book that started it all. It is simple, concise and so much fun to read. I especially love learning about the different cars on a freight train. The illustrations look like watercolor and Crews does a wonderful job of blending it all together to portray the whoosh of a train speeding along its track.

 This has been on the bedtime reading list for the past 4 days. We read it when he wakes up in the morning, when he wakes up from naps and before he goes to bed. I don’t remember the last book he was this excited to see on a daily basis. This one is much different from Freight Train. Its wordier and the images are much more detailed. In fact, the one detail A loves to point out is the garbage truck on the street.

 This has been another popular one we’ve been reading at home. A will flip very quickly to one specific page to see the “rain truck.” This is the red truck caught in a rainstorm. There are no words in this book, so he rarely brings it to us to read to him. Instead, he’ll flip through the pages on his own and point out objects of images that stand out to him. Like the rain.

  &  So far, we’ve read Sail Away and Flying once or twice. A hasn’t been too impressed with these two books, although he prefers the latter book. He’s been in planes and loves watching planes fly overhead, so it makes sense. He hasn’t seen a proper boat in real life yet. I appreciate these two books for older toddlers. There seems to be more a story developing that in the previous books.

About the author

 Donald Crews is an American illustrator of numerous children’s books. His background and training in graphic design explain his vibrant, colorful illustrations. He has been awarded Caldecott Honor Book award for both Freight Train and Truck.

For more information about the artist, please visit:

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