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Easy Reader Review: Huff and Puff Have Too Much Stuff

on April 13, 2015

Huff and Puff Have Too Much Stuff!Huff and Puff Have Too Much Stuff by Tish Rabe
Harper Collins, 2013
I Can Read: My First
Series: Huff and Puff
Ages: Pre-K to K
Genre: Farm animals, trains, friendship
Source: Library Copy

Train duo Huff and Puff (front and back) like to carry a lot of stuff. One day, they decide to add even more to their load. But can they carry it all up the hill? I’ve taken this book home to my toddler and he adores it. The rhymes are absolutely wonderful and the illustration are endearing and do a good job of carrying the story.

Puff got a kite, a bike, and a boat.
“Take me!” said a goat in a pretty pink coat.

The illustrations, I can only describe as warm and fuzzy. They are so colorful, slightly cartoonish, but very endearing. Designed for a pre-reader, there is a lot of repetition, large font, and very short sentences. My only complaint is the word “stuff” is very overused at the end of the book. I felt like there could have been another word pairing used instead. For a pre-schooler, the storyline is a bit simplistic, although it does teach some kind of lesson about not being a hoarder and sharing the excess. I like this book for toddlers because of its simplicity and the vibrant illustrations.

There are a few other books in the Huff and Puff series.

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