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Picture Book Review: Supertruck (Stephen Savage)

on April 23, 2015


Title: Supertruck
Author: Stephen Savage
Publisher: Roaring Book Press, 2015
Source: Library copy
Other titles by the author: Little Tug

Little Tug has been a constant fixer at my house with my baby bookworm. We brought it home to read to him when he was just born, and then again a few months ago. He grew very attached to that title and would have us read the book to him for days on end. This leads to my happy surprise to see a new title by the same author on my library’s new books cart today when I came in for work.

Supertruck is the story of city trucks. Each truck has a might responsibility to the city, but the garbage truck is not quite as valued as the rest. That is, until a huge snow storm blankets everything in snow.

The illustrations are wonderful, and cozy. Each page could be a framed print in a nursery. Although, what appealed to be in Little Tug didn’t work so well in Supertruck. For one, Little Tug had natural abilities that made him a handy resource when times got rough for the bigger boats. In Supertruck, the garbage truck goes into a garage and is magically transformed into a supertruck with a snow plow attachment. Both stories follow the same premise of “don’t discount the little guy” which is always a great message for some of the more shy, or passive kids. I like the personification of the trucks, particularly that the garbage truck wears glasses, giving him an almost Superman-like mentality with a  secret identity who comes to the rescue. As a grown-up, I’m excited to see a character in a book, human or not, wearing glasses. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 6-years-old, and I can hardly count the number of picture books I’ve seen with characters wearing glasses. None of the other trucks wear glasses, so I like that added element.

Primary Reading Skills

Love Books (Print Motivation) – A wonderful story for young readers to relate to.

Tell a Story (Narrative Skills) – With vivid illustrations and few words to the page, children can be encouraged to expand on or add to what they see happening in the story.

How to use this book

For parents

Use this book to talk about everyone has a special skill or value, whether its visible or not. Talk about being a community helper and how different jobs in the community keep the city functioning. Talk about more than just the trucks on the page. What do the trucks stand for? What is a fireman’s role, or the garbage man’s? Is one more important than the other?

For librarians

This is a great book for booklists for Pre-K readers as well as toddler storytimes. Pair with other books on trucks, community helpers, or even a snowy day theme.

Suggested Reading


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