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Baby Bookwork Booklists: Brownie and Pearl

on May 4, 2015

We seemed to have moved on from Donald Crews to the Cynthia Rylant Brownie and Pearl series over the last couple of weeks. It all started with Brownie and Pearl Hit the Hay. I think anytime I want to introduce my bookworm to a new series, I need to start with a bedtime book. Maybe that’s why there’s such an overflow of bedtime books out there in the picture book world? I like the simple stories, the colorful illustrations and the very sweet and endearing friendship between Brownie and her cat Pearl. They are two very independent and very close friends sharing many of life’s basic experience’s together.

What we’ve read

 Brownie and Pearl Hit the Hay

This was our first introduction to Brownie and Pearl. In this wonderful little story, Brownie and Pearl prepare for bed in the usual routine, bath, snacks, books and snuggles. It’s a wonderful little bedtime book. It’s actually one I read right before nap time, to get the bookworm into the sleepy frame of mind. It works quite well.

 Brownie and Pearl Take a Dip

Its a hot day and Brownie and Pearl decide to take a dip in their little kiddie pool in the yard. But uh-oh! Pearl falls into the water and isn’t have as much fun anymore.

 Brownie and Pearl Grab a Bit

This is my personal favorite. Brownie and Pearl put together a very basic and yummy snack for lunch. My bookworm has memorized a few of the phrases from this book “no roll apple!” and “saltines, of course!” both of which are adorable to hear coming from a 26-month-old. I’ve even replicated the snack from this book for my bookworm for lunch. Cheese, cracks, an apple and milk. Very wholesome and delicious.

 Brownie and Pearl Step Out

Brownie and Pearl have been invited to a birthday party, but Brownie is nervous about going. Once Pearl hops through the kitty door, Brownie has no choice but to go in. She then proceeds to have a lot of fun and eat too much ice cream. This is a good book about overcoming social fears and going to new places. Brownie, with the help of fearless Pearl, steps out of her comfort zone only to have fun with friends.

About the author

Cynthia Rylant is the author of dozens of children’s book series, including Henry & Mudge and Mr. Putter and Tabby.

Bio via

As a child in West Virginia, Cynthia Rylant never dreamed of becoming a writer. In her free time, she devoured Archie comic books and paperback romances and enjoyed the outdoors. But after taking one college English class, she was, “hooked on great writing… I didn’t know about this part of me until I went to college-didn’t know I loved beautiful stories.” And one night, inspired by the Southern writer James Agee, she sat down and wrote When I Was Young in the Mountains. Named a Caldecott Honor Book and an ALA Notable Book, it was an instant success.

Since that night, Rylant hasn’t stopped creating wonderful books. Her stories explore friendship, love, grief, and other mysteries, and often draw on her memories of growing up in Appalachia. “I get a lot of personal gratification thinking of those people who don’t get any attention in the world and making them really valuable in my fiction — making them absolutely shine with their beauty.”

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