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Easy Reader Review: Dog on Bus

on May 7, 2015

Dog on His Bus

Title: Dog on Bus by Eric Seltzer
Penguin Young Readers,
Level 2: Progressing Reader
Guided Level F
Genre: Animals, Transportation, Daily Errands
Dog, the bus driver, goes around town picking up a few of his friends. Cute illustrations, a variety of animals and a simple rhyming text make this book very appealing for preschoolers. We’ve been reading it to my toddler for nearly two weeks as a bedtime book. Beginning readers will appreciate the structured rhyme, giving them the ability to sound out and learn new words. I like the story and the illustrations. There is so much to look at on each page.
I am Dog.
I drive a bus.
I pick up Frog.
Come ride with us.
I drive in rain.
I drive in snow.
I drive in Fog.
Off we go.
The sentences are very short, 3 or 4 words. The font is relatively large, but not as much as earlier chapter books. There is a story, from start to finish. I like the different errands the riders go on. Hat shopping, browsing books, going out for lunch, etc. There are a lot of picture and context clues to help navigate the story. The story, I think, will be a bit too simple for older kids. But I think kids in Kindergarten and younger will really enjoy this book. The book reminds me of Byron Barton’s My Bus. Although My Bus doesn’t have the rhymes, the sentences are likewise short and simple, and the plot is fairly similar. The only difference with My Bus, is that its more of a math-orientated book.
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