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Picture Book Review: I Love School

on May 11, 2015

I Love School!

Title: I Love School
Author: Philemon Sturges
Publisher: Harper Collins. 2004
Source: Library Copy
Age: 3-6
Other Titles: I Love Trucks, I Love Trains, I Love Planes

From the very first page, Philemon Sturges makes school exciting and fun. The inside cover is a mock chalkboard with fun facts about rainbows (they are made up of seven colors), crayons (the average child in America will wear down 730 crayons by his/her tenth birthday) and more. The book covers most of the topics and activities that kids will encounter at preschool and kindergarten. It’s a wonderful introductory book for kids about to start either session. A young narrator lists all of their favorite things at school from the school bus dropping them off, to learning to count and being able to go outside to run and shout. My toddler loves the Sturges books, and this one is no exception. The illustrations are warm and colorful and the characters are diverse.

I love to build great big block walls.

I love to play with baby dolls.

I like to draw trains speeding by.

I like to paint birds flying high.

Primary Reading Skills

New Words (Vocabulary) This will introduce lots of new vocabulary and concepts to a child just entering preschool or kindergarten. Use this book as a way to talk about school and the changes that will be taking place once they start.

See Letters (Letter Knowledge) This book is rife with letter knowledge! Come up with a list of school-related words that begin with the letter S (scissors, slides, swings, seats, etc).

How to use this book

For the parents

As mentioned above, this book is a great way to prepare your child for all the fun they’ll have at their new school. This book is also a good resource for children having trouble transitioning into their new environment. Talk to your child, find out what they don’t like about school, then create a list together of all the reasons why they do like school. Emergent readers can practice reading this book due to the rhyme making it easy for them to practice and repeat what they are reading.

For librarians

This is a great book for a toddler/preschool storytime, especially during daycare and school outreach events. I would definitely add this to a Back to School type booklist.

Suggested Reading

Chu's First Day of School (Chu, #2) Starting School Mouse Loves School

Check out the Goodreads List for Books About School for more titles

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