Ready, Set, Read!

The ABC's of being a children's Librarian

Picture Books


Picture Books (0 months to K)


  1. Dear Peter Rabbit (Alma Flor Ada)
  2. Song and Dance Man (Karen Ackerman)
  3. Bubbles, Bubbles (Kathi Appelt)
  4. Monsieur Saguette & His Baguette (Frank Asch)
  5. A Friend Like You (Tanja Askani)


  1. I Love My Mommy (Sebastien Braun)
  2. One Brown Bunny (Marion Dane Bauer)
  3. Fox Tale Soup (Tony Bonning)
  4. Who Says Woof? (John Butler)


  1. Dear Zoo (Rod Campbell)
  2. The Sounds Around Town (Maria Carluccio)
  3. Cows in the Kitchen (June Crebbin)
  4. Big, Bigger, Biggest (Nancy Coffelt)


  1. Zookepper Sue (Chris Demarest)
  2. The Crayon Box That Talked (Shane DeRolf)
  3. The Duchess of Whimsy (Randall and Peter de Seve)
  4. Pet Wash (Dayle Dodds)
  5. One Guinea Pig Is Not Enough (Kate Duke)
  6. Along Came You (Karona Dummond)
  7. Wake Up Kisses (Pamela Duncans)
  8. Mitchell’s Liscense (Hallie Durand)


  1. Copy Me Copycub (Richard Edwards)


  1. Olivia and the Fairy Princesses (Ian Falconer)
  2. Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush Her Hair (Lee Fox)
  3. Watch Your Tongue Cecily Beasley (Lane Fredrickson)
  4. Every Girl is a Princess (Mylo Freeman)


  1. How Many Mice (Michael Garland)
  2. I Spy on the Farm (Edward Gibbs)
  3. Shhh! (Valerie Gorbachev)
  4. Blue Chameleon (Emily Gravett)


  1. Extraordinary Jane (Hannah Harrison)
  2. Little White Rabbit (Kevin Henkes)
  3. Birds (Kevin Henkes)
  4. Whose Garden Is It? (Mary Ann Hoberman)


  1. How to Cheer Up Dad (Fred Koehler)
  2. The Happy Egg (Ruth Krauss)


  1. Paul Meets Bernadette (Rosy Lamb)
  2. This Little Chick (John Lawrence)
  3. Uh oh! I’m Sorry (Little Scholastic)
  4. A Plane Goes Ka Zoom! (Jonathon London)


  1. Spork (Kyo Maclear)
  2. Tap the Magic Tree (Christie Matheson)
  3. Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Going to Sleep? (Bill Martin Jr.)
  4. Vroom, Chugga, Chugga, Vroom (Anne Miranda)
  5. To Market, To Market (Anne Miranda)
  6. The Tiny King (Taro Miura)
  7. Jam and Honey (Melita Morales)
  8. Just a Minute (Yuri Morales)


  1. The Thingamabon (Il Sung Na)
  2. A Book of Babies (Il Sung Na)
  3. Wow City (Robert Neubecker)
  4. Hand Book (Jeff Newman)


  1. I Can (Helen Oxenbury)


  1. Cooking with Henry and Elliebelly (Carolyn Parkhurst)


  1. Tea For Me Tea For You (Laura Radar)
  2. Ernest, The Moose Who Doesn’t Fit (Catherine Raynor)
  3. My Baby and Me (Lynn Reiser)
  4. One Windy Wednesday (Phyllis Root)
  5. Someone’s Sleepy (Deborah Lee Rose)


  1. Tea With Grandpa (Barney Saltzberg)
  2. I Love Cats (Barney Saltzberg)
  3. Little Blue Truck (Alice Schertle)
  4. Read it Don’t Eat it (Ian Schoenerr)
  5. One Tractor: A Counting Book (Alexandra Sky)
  6. Sausages (Jessica Souhami)
  7. I’m Not (Pam Smallcomb)
  8. What’s the Matter Bunny Blue? (Nicola Smee)
  9. I Love Your Through and Through (Bernadette Rosetti-Shustak)
  10. Red Car, Red Bus (Susan Steggall)


  1. Home Sweet Home (Christine Tagg)
  2. Silly Little Goose (Nancy Tafuri)
  3. Ned’s New Home (Kevin Tseng)
  4. Press Here! (Herve Tullet)


  1. The Circus Ship (Chris Van Dusen)
  2. That’s Mine (Michel Van Zeveren)


  1. Two Eggs Please (Sarah Weeks)
  2. Lines That Wiggle by Candace Whitman)
  3. Bear Snores On (Karma Wilson)
  4. The Napping House (Audrey Wood)


  1. Doug Unplugged (Dan Yaccarino)

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